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With All Your Mind

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Jesus said, you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.    -Matt 22:37

Just over the horizon every believer is going to face a crisis of conscience as more and more evidence of alien life is revealed and their doctrine is taught to society, which causes the falling away from the faith as seen in 1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons.”


Clandestine knowledge will be revealed for the purpose of deceiving mankind.  All world religions will unite under a new off planet global religion teaching that we are created by aliens and not from the Judeo-Christian God who is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The Apostle Paul writing to Timothy states that some that are in the faith will turn away and follow the deceptive teachings.  Jesus also warned us that… “For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.   - Matt 24:24. 


Information of Ancient Astronauts and ancient societies with advance technologies are slowly being released to the public society for the preparation of that we are not alone in the universe.  

Christians all over the world will be faced with a crisis of conscience whether God’s Holy Scriptures are true or believe the soto science that claims aliens are our creators and not the God of the Bible. 


Early this month the world's political, religious leaders and elite billionaires have been making trips to Antarctica, to an undisclosed location. Global leaders are being prepared to believe that humans are responsible the Earth’s warming temperatures and drastically need to change to save our planet. During this Antarctica Global Assembly, innovated off planet technologies from our past are being revealed by sentient beings that will change the world as we know it.  

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Antarctica is one of the strangest places on Earth and from the very beginning Antarctica has pretty much been a mystery to us. There have been many   expeditions to Antarctica, but Admiral Richard E. Byrd has done five major expeditions. 


Admiral Richard E. Byrd was the first American scientific missions to the Antarctic, and they resulted in advanced discoveries in weather, climate, and geography. Scientists have discovered a vast, hidden landscape of hills and valleys carved by ancient rivers that has been frozen in time under the Antarctic ice since time began. Certain areas are forbidden to the public and are guarded by the military including  no-fly zones of certain areas in the Antarctic. 

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Today we have learned more about Antarctica than ever before, in 2016 one of Google’s Earth satellites captured images in the southern part of Antarctica's Ellsworth Mountain range. A pyramid-shaped mass that measures 2 km about 1.2 miles on each side of its base like Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza and other images as bizarre structures and a giant staircase. 

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Admiral Byrd was sent to Antarctica shortly after WWII on a massive operation called HIGH JUMP commencing on 26 August 1946 and ended in late February 1947. A massive operation Task Force 68 which included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft was sanction by President Truman and financed by very influential individuals such as the Rockefellers.  

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Many top-secret missions as well as scientific endeavors where part of this operation.  Sensitive information of Base 221 which was supposedly a Nazis outpost in Antarctica. Hitler believed in the Society of the Black Sun and a place which is known as Agartha that was only accessible in Antarctica, as well as in Virl society, a  tall blond haired with blues people who dwell in the center of the earth, which Hitler believed was the Power of the Coming Race.   The Nazi’s also believed that the Black Sun held supernatural powers over those who follow the Light. Just as the moon is able to block the light of the sun in a full eclipse rendering all those who hinder the power of darkness powerless.

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During the crucifixion of the Son of God the Scriptures states there was a total eclipse that darkened as seen in the Gospel of Luke 23:44-46… “By this time, it was about noon, and darkness fell across the whole land until three o’clock. The light from the sun was gone. And suddenly, the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn down the middle. Then Jesus shouted, “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!” And with those words he breathed his last.”  The Black Sun society believes they have the most power during this event that is about to transpire in a few days on April 8th, 2024.

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In the winter of 1947, Admiral Byrd flew a secret mission across the frozen waters of Antarctica. He was able to confirm the existence of the Nazi Base 211 and much much more. 


When Admiral Byrd returned, he was put into isolation for 36 hours and was told never to speak of what he discovered to anyone under any circumstances, to which he was then given the Medal of Honor and told to leave.

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During Admiral Byrd’s last expedition aboard the icebreaker Glacier, he took his last exploratory flight over the South Pole on January 8, 1956.  A year later March 11,1957 Admiral Byrd died from a heart attack at the age of 68 at his home and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery as well as burying all evidence of his discovery.


Admiral Byrd was an honorable man and never spoke publicly about operation high jump’s missions, but he wrote down many of his explorations in a personal journal; after is death his son stumbled across his journal hidden amongst collection of books and was amazed what he read inside the journal that was never revealed to the public.

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In his journal Admiral Byrd confirmed the existence the Nazi's secret base 221 and Agatha Virl's societies occupants, the powerful advanced tall blond haired with blues beings who dwell in the center of the earth.  This information is difficult for anyone to believe but we must keep in mind that Jesus said to his disciple's by comparing himself to Jonah...  "For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, so will the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights."  -Matt 12:40.  This gives credence that there's more than meets the eye to what we are being taught in the school's of higher learning.  


I believe it is time for Christian's to love God with all their mind and do their homework to help them steer clear of the deception coming over the near horizon that's going to shake the foundation of every world religion...   Peace!  

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