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Scientology: Truth or Science Fiction

"Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ." 

Colossians 2:8

These words quoted in Time Magazine, February 10,1986, were uttered by L Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). Hubbard had actually made this statement in 1949, not in 1986. In 1950 he published his best seller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which became the textbook for a religion that he invented in 1955, popularly known as Scientology. Hubbard had indeed discovered a way to earn a million dollars, even millions of dollars.


Dianetics was originally intended to be his psychotherapeutic answer to techniques of modern psychiatry. The4 medical community responded with alarm, forcing Hubbard to formalize his theories into a religion and thus seek tax- exempt status and freedom from governmental interference from some of his organizations.


Scientology attempts to give the appearance that it is both a science and a religion. Whatever it is, it isn’t cheap! Fifty hours of Scientology counseling “auditing” can run $2,350 dollars. Some former members say they invested up to $30,000 dollars, which may explain some claims that the organization’s take is over $1 Million per week.

Scientology operates with guru-like control, a subculture with its own language. It’s difficult to understand Hubbard’s teaching without a crash course in Scientology nomenclature. The Church has found it necessary to publish a dictionary with 7,000 definitions for the use of over 3,000 Dianetic words.


Hubbard teaches that mankind is descended from a race of uncreated omnipotent gods called “Thetans.” Who gave up their powers to enter the Material-Energy-Space-Time (MEST) world Earth. Gradually, they evolved upward by reincarnation to become humans who could not remember their defied state Scientologist encouraged to awake their dormant thetan potentials by removing all metal blocks called “engrams.” By doing so, they can realize their true person hood, achieving total power and control over MEST.


Engrams are said to be traumatic experiences in past lives. The “analytical mind” reasons, but the “reactive mind” simply records engrams which impedes spiritual progress. Dianetics teaches the technique for removing (clearing) all engrams. The one who joins Scientology, a pre-clear (PC), is said to be in need of auditing to discover his engrams. This is done by using a galvanometer called an E-Meter, which measures the resistance to electric current by recording galvanic skin responses. As with a polygraph (lie detector), the instructor (auditor) asks a series of questions while the student holds two tin cans of the E-Meter in his hands.

They are more elaborate now and are available for a donation of  $900 for the Mark V to Super Quantum E-Meter for $4,650.00


Scientologists insist the auditing procedure is like a church confessional. Those who have removed the psychic hindrance of their engrams are said to be clear. The clear one is a thetan who has audited out his reactive mind responses. 


If all of this sounds like a science fiction novel, it’s because it is! Hubbard did meet with success as a science fiction writer in the 1930s prior to the publication of Dianetics.


Hubbard combined Freudian psychoanalysis with Eastern thought and ideas from science fiction writings and produced a religion that has gained a wide appeal with those seeking improved mental health.



His quote from Times magazine: “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.” Still echoes from his grave. As his organization today wheels enormous power.


Making it past the Hare Krishna chanters on the streets of any large city, and you’re likely to run into a more conventionally dressed, clean cut young man or woman offering you a “free personal analysis.” Who would suspect that the 200 questions to be posed are part of the recruiting program for the Church of Scientology?


Why be skeptical of “an applied religious philosophy” which offers a clear, bright insight to help you blaze towards your mind full potential?


Because of the occultic practices of age regression and astral travel are based on theories of reincarnation. Extra biblical information regarding man’s origin (as a god called thetan) and mystical beliefs regarding the relationship of spirit and matter are essential to Dianetics. Man is good, Christ was merely a “cleared” individual, and the existence of an eternal heaven and hell is denied.


Scientology is a cult that thrives on the lonely, emotionally distraught individuals, the weak, the confused, and those looking for a quick fix to life’s problems. Promising them the hope and happiness can return again through Scientology. In return they find themselves in a psychotherapeutic maze that could ultimately lead to demon possession.


As Scientology continues to repackage itself, buyers beware! And please keep them in your prayers that our Heavenly Father would lead them out of darkness and into His Light!




I would like to emphasize that the purpose of these newsletters is not to bash anyone, regardless if they are considered a cult.  The sole purpose of this information is to inform the Body of Christ in rendering to every man an answer to the faith that we have,  and to encourage each believer to pray for the lost.




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